Demystifying child cancer

The Imaginary Friend Society app helps child patients with cancer by giving life to different imaginary friends. Developed by the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, this application effectively distracts children from the stress and stresses of MRI, chemotherapy and other cancer-related treatments. The application is currently being used in several cancer treatment centers in the United States, including the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

The application uses the technology of augmented reality and presents a score of characters, all designed specifically for this project, which help to demystify the disease and treatments and reduce anxiety and fear in children’s lives. The characters also provide words of encouragement and help children find the positive and hopeful part of their hospital stay.

Promoting female engineering

Wonderhood Toys is a company founded by two mothers who met during a master’s degree at the Columbia Business School. And his goal is very clear: “create a new type of toy that inspires girls to think big, to be the architects of their own future.” Said and done. This summer they have marketed two sets of construction that bear a strong resemblance to traditional dollhouses but that promote architectural design and structural engineering, that is, they encourage the creative side and the scientific side.

Fortunately, there are other similar initiatives that struggle to balance the number of men and women working in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). For example, Mattel has signed a collaboration agreement with the programming platform Tynker for commercialized the Robotics Engineer Barbie, the doll that helps to understand the principles of programming. The new engineering Barbie has a cost of only 14$.

Playing with boxes

Every family has ever seen how a child enjoyed more by playing with the box that contained a toy than with the toy itself. And those responsible for IKEA have also seen it. And that’s why they’ve thrown away the IKEA Toybox App.

It is an application for mobile devices that uses augmented reality to show the huge possibilities for the game that any box of any furniture purchased from the Swedish giant can offer. Rockets, castles, butterfly wings or sharks are just some of the possibilities that the app presents to the user. In addition, it explains in detail how the box should be handled to obtain the desired result. The project, which was conceived and executed in just five weeks, was presented at the last Cannes festival in the creativity section and received fantastic reviews from specialized media.

Food paint

Noshi is a very peculiar brand of children’s food products. It was founded by an enterprising father and a grandmother with artistic skills and concerned about feeding their grandchildren. And the result has been Food Paint, an organic fruit puree sold in paint tubes. The idea is that with this product children can decorate their dishes with quality fruit and in a fun way.

To decorate their dishes and make their artistic creations, children can choose any of the three colored tubes that go inside each box: red (strawberry), yellow (peach) or blue (blueberries). All the purées are made with organic fruits, without added sugars or preservatives. The product was released last June in some supermarkets and on the Internet. The success was so great that stocks have already run out on Amazon and Noshi is working to produce more food.

Puzzles and interior design

Eero Aarnio is a Finnish interior designer who has devised a game that combines design with construction challenges. In each box there is a set of pieces that include furniture elements for different rooms of the house. With these pieces can be planted Different proposals for interior design in the same space and build one of the popular “dollhouses”. But, in addition, All the pieces can only be put in only one way inside the packaging in which and, therefore, the toy also becomes a puzzle when it is stored.

The Mini Home and the Big Mini Home (with more pieces) have been marketed by the firm Tactic Games. The precious of both toys range between 30 and 40 euros.

Kidzania, playing to be adults

KidZania is a city founded by the children of the world where they can lead and know society while having fun. With elements 60% smaller than the normal size, children get to safely try jobs and activities for adults and are paid for their work in kidZos, the official local currency of KidZania.

This is the presentation that can be read on the official website of KidZania a kind of theme park that is causing a furor in Japan, where it is already operational in the cities of Tokyo and Koshien. In fact, KidZanai can only be accessed with prior reservation, and only some online tickets are released for the same day, and they cost between 25 and 50 euros per person depending on the day.

At KidZania children and children can try up to 100 different jobs and activities, in authentic environments thanks to the contribution of different private brands.

Education with augmented reality

Chromville is an application that works from some pictures that children paint and, later, through augmented reality, they can see how their drawings come alive in 3D as they have been colored. It is a magical experience for them, which manages to capture their attention and, from here, facilitates the acquisition of knowledge in a fun and entertaining, which doubles the effectiveness.

Thanks to this innovative mechanics, the educational apps developed by the Imascono company have more than 500,000 downloads in more than one hundred countries, with 65% of users in the United States. Chromville Science app was chosen among the top 25 augmented reality apps from around the world. The vast majority of the content developed by the company are free.

Breast milk

The increase in recent years of the new family formats has also meant an increase in the demand for breast milk for babies who are breastfeeding. In Catalonia breast milk can be given through the points enabled by the Bank of Blood, and since last October there is an app called LactApp that solves all the doubts of parents who want milk from another woman to give it to his sons and daughters.

At the same time, in the United States, breast milk is bought and sold through a social network called BBY. The people who install this app can sell or buy breast milk. To guarantee all sanitary controls, the donation is always done in a hospital or clinic.

Online plastic surgery games

Health experts in the UK have warned about threats that online plastic surgery games can cause among girls and teenagers. These mobile applications, mostly free, allow to check the transformation of the body that can be achieved through surgery.
The main risk is that these games can generate anxiety among girls who want to have an ideal appearance marked by current beauty trends. Experts say that this type of games should be prohibited to minors, and deserve the same regulation that is in force for tattoos, piercings or UVA.

Beauty salons for children

For 5 years, the cosmetic brand Shiseido has opened beauty salons for children. These are located in downtown areas of the city and are oriented as small theme parks in which children can play while parents go shopping in the area.
Inside the parks children find all the necessary material to play make up exactly as adults do, and they can do so by representing the role of the clients or professionals of these saloons. Shiseido complements the offer with seminars and a specific online portal for kids