The most entertaining restaurant

When the children arrive at the restaurant that the Richtree Market chain has the Eaton Center in Toronto, they find huge screens at their height where are projected all kinds of interactive games aimed at promoting healthy habits and food. By interacting with these screens, children can collect the food grown on a digital farm, design their own healthy menus or create their pizzas with the ingredients they choose. They can also see what happens in the kitchen of the restaurants where they will eat after a while.

The strategy of Richtree Market is to attract the family public concerned about healthy eating. And, at the same time, offer a playful environment to children where they also learn all the process that there is until food arrives at your table.


The brightest school bike path

The City Council of Egedal, in Denmark, is implementing an intelligent lighting system in a bicycle path used, mainly, by students who go to school. The objective of the project is to encourage more children to use it and, at the same time, improve safety. And to design it the same students have participated in a co-creation project, together with municipal engineers and the companies that are building it.

The main contributions of the students have been in the field of intelligent lighting. The result is a variety of animal-shaped sculptures that appear along the way and, thanks to intelligent LED lights, cause visual effects such as stripes of a tiger or brown spots characteristic of a giraffe. In addition, users can preconfigure which animals they want illuminated in their wake thanks to an RFID reader that reads a label located on the user’s helmet. This makes the experience totally personalized whenever the helmet is used.

The Octopus, the clock of habits

It is difficult to teach a child how to manage his time, basically because children do not have many responsibilities. But on the other hand, it is important to insist on habits and daily routines, such as doing homework, setting the table, making a bed or brushing teeth. To facilitate the work of the fathers and mothers has gone to the market, and at a price of 60$, The Octopus. It is an extraordinarily simple and useful watch. It works by means of a system of icons (there are more than 700) that remind the child of the task that is ahead of him at the scheduled time. This graphic code of the icons facilitates the introduction of habits to children who have not yet learned to read.

The watch is also a great emergency tool: it contains up to five lines of important information, including phone numbers, blood type and allergies. The strap is hypoallergenic, so you do not have to worry about skin irritations, and it can be changed in case it gets dirty. For all these reasons, The Octopus has won the CES 2017 Innovation Awards. 

The You Inside Project

Knowledge and awareness of the rights of transgender people has increased significantly in recent years, but also transphobia. And the transphobia is incredibly harmful, with studies showing that 41% of trans people have tried to commit suicide at some point. However, nobody is born transphobic. Therefore, when the organization Gender Creative Kids Canada asked for proposals to make the world a more tolerant place for trans youth, the most successful was a toy.

Sam is a small toy with a great mission: to illustrate the emotions felt by many children who question their gender identity, improving understanding and empathy through the game. At the moment five hundred units of this toy have already been distributed among different Canadian schools. The toys are accompanied by resources so that educators can teach children what trans-growing means.

21st Century Rubik’s Cube

The Israeli company Particula has developed Go Cube, a high-tech version of the legendary Rubik’s cube that works connected to a mobile application via Bluetooth and offers tutorials to learn how to play and compete multiplayer with people from all over the world. Inside the cube 12 wireless sensors have been placed, which register the changes of position of the cells once they leave the starting position.

Go Cube technology offers tutorials so that whoever makes his first approach to a Rubik’s cube can learn the necessary movements to solve the puzzle without having to compete. On the other hand, more experienced players can significantly improve their performance. In addition, Go Cube introduces new game modes in the form of mini-games and missions, such as forming the colors of the flag of different countries; a game inspired by Guitar Hero, in which the application indicates where to turn the cube; or modes related to adapting to rhythm and speed.

The project financing campaign required $ 25,000 to start and has already obtained more than $ 700,000. The game is expected to go on sale in 2019 for a price of $ 119.

Book of dirt

The brand of detergents Unilever OMO (also known as Persil in other markets) has created the ‘Book of dirt’ as a fun way to keep children away from technology and encourage outdoor play. The book, called “Tale of spots and stripes”, has been created with a special ink formula that only reveals its history if it gets dirty and stains.

This unique story explains to the children a story about equality through a leopard cub and a tiger cub that roll through the mud and begin to resemble each other. The story has been distributed free to hundreds of schools in South Africa. The initiative is part of the marketing campaign ‘Dirt is Good’, which aims to encourage outdoor play over the consumption of electronic devices.

Soups from around the world

Maybe the soup is not the most attractive food for children, but Yelli, an exotic soup brand from Russia, has decided to create a new line of products to use children to taste new flavors and discover a little more of each country originally. Thus, Yelli Kids offers imaginative soup kits inspired by recipes from Germany, India, Argentina, Sweden, Italy and England. In addition, all soups are easy to prepare for parents.

Yelli Kids also includes a fun packaging that tells a story about our planet and the characters that inhabit it. Each soup pack comes with colorful cuts of characters and elements from the country where the recipe comes from. All this turns the tasty soup into a game for boys and girls, who can meet, create and eat at the same time.

Screens and healthy habits

The use of smartphones and tablets has become ubiquitous in many families. The problem is that all the time children spend in front of the screens do not use it for other types of personal relationships, games or crafts. To correct this situation, TechDen was born, a company that has released a unique product with a huge market.

It is a unit that limits the time children can use mobile devices. In this unit you can save and load the devices, and you can only access them with an unlocking system that only parents have. In addition, from an app, administrators can determine the consumption time of each device and make a careful follow-up to check its reduction.