Online plastic surgery games

Health experts in the UK have warned about threats that online plastic surgery games can cause among girls and teenagers. These mobile applications, mostly free, allow to check the transformation of the body that can be achieved through surgery.
The main risk is that these games can generate anxiety among girls who want to have an ideal appearance marked by current beauty trends. Experts say that this type of games should be prohibited to minors, and deserve the same regulation that is in force for tattoos, piercings or UVA.

Beauty salons for children

For 5 years, the cosmetic brand Shiseido has opened beauty salons for children. These are located in downtown areas of the city and are oriented as small theme parks in which children can play while parents go shopping in the area.
Inside the parks children find all the necessary material to play make up exactly as adults do, and they can do so by representing the role of the clients or professionals of these saloons. Shiseido complements the offer with seminars and a specific online portal for kids

Sculpt with soap

Sudsy Dough Moldable Soap is an amazing bathroom toy. When it is submerged in the water it has a spongy touch, and it serves to rub and cleanse the body. It can be squeezed and stretched. In addition, it contains a small toy figure inside. When it is taken out of the tub and dried, it becomes a bar of soap with the last shape it has been given while in the water.
This amazing bath toy is especially aimed at babies and small children in the house. It does not contain toxic products because it is made with shea butter and beeswax, and gives off a pleasant smell of fruit. The price ranges from 12 to 14 dollars.

Sudsy Dough Moldable Soap

Temporary children tattoos

Children almost always want to look older than they are or imitate their older brothers and sisters. Now they have it very easy thanks to temporary non-toxic tattoos.
Several companies have released different lines of temporary tattoos for children. The illustrations range from the most classic and children’s (Hello Kitty, Paw Patrol or unicorns) to those that replicate adult tattoos (tribal, skulls, fantastic images or Baroque typographies). They can be purchased online from the main e-commerce operators or in specialized stores.

Toy like me

In the world there are 150 million children with disabilities. A reality that is completely ignored in the toy sector and, consequently, consolidates not very inclusive stereotypes. To denounce this situation has been born Toy Like Me, a non-profit association that struggles to integrate the difference in toys.

The idea came from two deaf mothers who began to viralize a campaign after finding that it was impossible to offer their creatures toys to represent them. The campaign was so popular that a company that makes custom 3D dolls (Maki) decided to incorporate three dolls with a disability into their catalog: Hetty, Eva and Melissa.

UBER for kids

While in our country carsharing services continue in battles of a legal nature, other countries take advantage of the accumulated experience to go much further. This is the case of the United States, where  in 2014 a group of mothers created a transport company for children aged 6 and above in private vehicles. These mothers have taken advantage of the fact that the popular Uber does not accept transport unaccompanied minors, to launch a service that covers this niche market.

The company is called HopSkipDrive and has started operating in Denver, Colorado. This company only hires drivers who have 100% of points in the card and who have a minimum of 5 years of experience taking care of children. To ensure safety, all drivers must leave their fingerprints. In addition, parents can know from their mobile device exactly where the vehicle is. The objective is to facilitate trips in school, in extra-curricular activities or home without needing the accompaniment of the father or mother.

The Queen Of The Ocean

The Queen of the Ocean is the name of a tale for children that has just been published in Japan and has a very special feature: it is entirely made of plastics recovered from the sea. The project is from the Japanese company Teijin, dedicated to the development of new materials, in collaboration with the NGO Waste Free Oceans. The tale explains the story of a girl who travels to the depths of the ocean to find animals that are dying because of pollution and plastics floating on the surface.

The idea of the story emerged after the publication of a study that notes that 8,000 tons of plastic are dumped each year in the oceans. This will make that if this pace is maintained, in 2050 there will be more plastics than fish. At the moment the book has been sent to government institutions and political representatives, and is negotiating to sell it.

All-female Subbuteo

Slowly women’s sport is gaining more popularity and recognition. You can chexk it with the presentation, a few days ago, of a special edition of Subbuteo with the Chelsea and Arsenal players, the first ever made with women athletes. This edition was made to promote the final of the Women’s Cup of England (FA Cup), played between these two teams. At the moment a promotional version of the game has been made very limited and it is only distributed through social networks, but HASBRO is already thinking of marketing it through regular channels.

Subbuteo is a legendary board game based on football. It was invented in 1929 and in the 60s it gained extraordinary popularity. At that time one in five English children had the game at home. In fact, there are so many players that there is even an international federation that organizes competitions and sets the rules.

Prescription of toys on YouTube

Next fall will be held in New York the Toy Fair 2018, one of the most important toy fairs in the world. The program foresees the worldwide presentation of the new toy brand Ryan’s World, which can only be attended with personal invitation. The expectation is fully justified. Ryan’s World is the toy brand of Ryan, the 6-year-old who has 12 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, from which he simply opens boxes of toys and makes a critique on the fly with a mixture of expressiveness and innocence that has captivated everyone.

Ryan ToysReview is a real phenomenon. In just two and a half years he has accumulated more than 1,000 million reproductions of his videos, opening new toys that his parents buy him and then give to charities. In fact, it has been many weeks the most popular YouTube channel in the United States and the second most important in the world. The operation has allowed him to earn 11 million dollars in 2017 and become the most important influencer in the sector with a huge difference. Starting this year, your own toys will be sold in major stores and, of course, also online.

Sipro, smart and social robot

Igor Jankovic is a Serbian engineer who has created a high-performance smart home robot. Sipro can recognize voices, can identify the crying baby and warn parents, or even try to calm the child with music or with the voice of his mother. It also includes an air purification system and a room temperature controller, so can modify via WIFI the behavior of the air conditioning in a room. As if that were not enough, Sipro comes equipped with a camera to capture family moments or monitor the little ones, and also with a projector to then share these images on any surface or to broadcast any content online. Finally incorporates a small platform to help move the smallest of the house.

Initially Sipro was designed to cater to families that have children with special needs, but their benefits are so great that they will go to the market positioned for the big consumption.