Reusable diapers

One of the products that generate more waste is diapers. For many months, families end up throwing away many kilos of cellulose that cannot be recovered in any way. That is why numerous alternatives begin to appear in the form of cloth diapers, very similar to those used by our grandparents.

One of the most innovative solutions in this line are the diapers that Luisa Kahlfeldt has designed: the Sumo Diapers. They are manufactured with SeaCell, a fabric made with the fibers of algae and eucalyptus, naturally antibacterial materials and completely appropriate for the baby skin. They have three layers: a soft and absorbent interior, an absorbent core and a waterproof, leak-proof exterior. With the technology of the Swiss textile company Schoeller, diapers remain waterproof without compromising their ability to wash, biodegrade or recycle. The design of the Sumo diapers won the James Dyson Award.

Children’s voice assistants

This summer the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition, the Alexa for boys and girls, has gone on sale. It is a virtual assistant designed and designed for the little ones. This means that it knows how to interpret the not always easy children’s language, which offers specific content for these ages, and that it is reinforced with numerous parental controls, with different levels in case there are children of different ages in the house.

Echo Dot Kids Edition users can ask Alexa to play music, tell them stories (it comes with more than 1,000 audio discounts) or even call the phones that parents have authorized. It also incorporates games to stimulate users’ abilities and answers many of the questions that children often ask.

Amazon’s business model with this product is clear: it charges $ 79 for the device and a fee of $ 3 per month for content from the second year (the first is free). And along the way he has already loyalized a whole family for life.

Amazon has also signed agreements with other toy manufacturers to add content to Alexa. For example, some Trivias such as When in Rome already allow infinite fun to the players, since the questions are always new.

The quiet hour

Entertainer Ltd. is the largest independent toy retailer in the United Kingdom, operating in more than 170 stores. And coinciding with this Christmas campaign, has started programming its “Quiet Hours”. For a few hours, the store reduces lighting and noise to create a quieter, safer and more suitable environment for people with autism. The objective of the measure is to consolidate optimal time slots to facilitate purchases for these people and, at the same time, disseminate and sensitize customers about this disease.

And it is that according to the National Autistic Society, more than half of the 700,000 people who suffer from autism and their families do not leave home to avoid the reactions of people to the effects of autism, and even 28% have been invited to leave of establishments for the behaviors derived from the disease.

Other establishments in the United Kingdom, such as TESCO or Morrisons supermarkets, have also promoted similar initiatives, all backed by the main foundations of support for people with autism.

Snowball powers

Snowballs have little known powers, especially during the Christmas season. The first power is to heal. For the second consecutive year, BC Childrens Hospital has organized a charity event called Snowball Fight for Kids. This is a virtual snowball battle that serves to raise funds to heal children and help them get out of the hospital to make real snowball battles. For each donation of a dollar you get a virtual ball that serves to combat childhood diseases. Fundraising is done through ten NGOs that have set the goal of achieving an arsenal of 30,000 balls. The campaign has been supported with a very emotional video.

The other property that snowballs have is to make children play. The problem is that snow is increasingly scarce. Given this scenario, some companies have begun to create fake snowballs to be able to make wars inside the house. They are very soft balls, about 6 centimeters in diameter so that children can grab them well and that they can be washed in the washing machine.

Imaginique, the festival

Families in Singapore during Christmas dates (December 13-22) will be able to attend IMAGINIQUE, an innovative children’s arts festival. This event aims to encourage the curiosity of children between 0 and 12 years and help them strengthen their self-esteem through theater, dance and fun.

There are many things that make IMAGINIQUE a unique event. First of all children are the center of the show. They become protagonists through physically immersive experiences, since they are located in the same scenario where the activity takes place. In addition, all performances are non-verbal and inclusive, so that everyone can enjoy them. The program is completed with technical sessions and workshops aimed at people who care for children and with newtworking days so that the different artists participating in the festival get to know each other and encourage the creation of new projects for children.

The idea of ​​IMAGINIQUE came out of adding the best of each children’s festival that is organized in cities such as Edinburgh (Scotland), Brisbane (Australia) or Okinawa (Japan). References have also been taken from the growing network of “baby theaters” that are spreading all over the world.

Best toys catalogue

ASDA is an important and popular supermarket chain in the United Kingdom that occupies 165,000 people in its 633 stores. In recent weeks ASDA has made headlines in the catalog of the toys section.

Given the uncertainty that each Christmas season generated for those responsible to know what would be the favorite toys for children decided to ask. Thus, one day in July, 500 boys and girls between 2 and 14 years old were able to try all the toys that would be available in the Christmas campaign. A team called “game inspectors” measured the children’s reactions to each product, the time they spent playing and facial expressions. This, completed with the note that the children put to each toy, allowed ASDA to rank with the 100 best toys and added the legend “Chosen by Kids”.

In anticipation of the good results of the campaign, ASDA has increased by 20% the stock of the 20 toys that lead this innovative list so useful for Christmas shopping.

Best babycaring in the world

During the Christmas holidays, the heart of New York boils of people who do all kinds of shopping. A consumer marathon that is difficult to manage with the whole family. Aware of this, those responsible for the CAMP Store toy store have created such an attractive service for parents as for children: a pajama party. CAMP monitors stay for three hours with your children in the impressive experiential store on Fifth Avenue. We are talking about a spectacular space with thousands of toys for all ages but in which they can also participate in the mini-disco, craft workshop and stories, among many other things and until 9 at night.

The business for CAMP Store is round: they attract parents with children to the stores, enter $ 60 for the service they provide to children (who spend three hours testing CAMP toys) and provide a service that no other competitor Direct can give.

CAMP Store is one of the experiential reference stores in the children’s segment for its capacity for innovation and attraction.

MUwall, at your size

The idea is simple but no one had had it before. It is a wall that allows the installation of children’s furniture at varying heights, which are changed as the boy or girl grows. The MUwall is a project that is being financed by crowdfunding with the Kickstarter platform, and with great success, given that its drivers have already managed to collect more than € 280,000 of the initial € 50,000 that had been set. And the idea deserves it.

MUwall are modular panels that are installed on the walls of any child of growing age (from 0 to 14 years old). Then you choose the accessories that you want to hang, and it is as easy as doing it at the height that meets the needs of the creature. And all with a very attractive static, recyclable materials and items that once picked up can be reused.

Sisters Martina and Elisa Mukako plan to release the product to the market in August 2020, and have already generated enormous expectations.

Dolls without gender

Creatable World are the first Mattel dolls without gender. This means that they are neutral and customizable so that any child can be identified without prejudice or stereotypes. You can choose dolls with short or long hair, and with all kinds of accessories and accessories that are purchased separately. This allows children to create a character exactly as they want. At the moment 6 different models have been launched at a price of $ 30 each and aimed at people over 6 years old.

With this measure, the world’s leading toy manufacturer adds to the trend of creating gender and gender-neutral products and services. There are children’s clothing brands, for example, that have been designing neutral pieces for years and that do not separate the product by gender in their stores.

Recycle your LEGO bricks

According to the calculations of the Danish company LEGO there is an average of 62 pieces of LEGO per person in the world, and the children of the planet spend 5,000 million hours per year playing. But how many of these pieces are not used? How many are left inside a box, a bucket or a plastic bag? And how many children with few resources would be happy to be able to access?

The result of this reflection was the REPLAY project. Through a specific website, the company has made facilities so that the owners of LEGO parts in the United States can give other children who do not have enough resources to buy them. The initiative has been articulated through the NGOs Teach For America and Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, which will be responsible for receiving the pieces and giving them a new life.
With this simple project, LEGO manages to reposition the brand around universal values ​​such as solidarity and reuse, and, at the same time, deliver more products to more children without practically any cost.