We are Kunde, an ukulele brand and an artist community from Barcelona. Our mission is improving people’s musical, emotional and social intelligence through the ukulele and our community. Furthemore, we are promoting an educational project with schools, Kunde School, with the purpose of introducing the ukulele as the main instrument in music lessons, as a substitution of the flute. An instrument that we consider more rich, motivating and actual for the students.


English Summer

English Summer SA is a family-run business which specializes in teaching languages and outdoor education activities since 1980.  Since then, more than 45.000 families have entrusted their children at our Summer Camps and Language courses abroad.  Their 4 locations in Vallclara, Poblet, Prades and Tamarit are all privately owned properties. Throughout the year, they also organize school trips, family tourism and all sorts of events.



SomDocents is an online courses platform for teachers recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia as permanent teacher training.

SomDocents is working to offer quality training at affordable prices and be a meeting point for sharing experiences and knowledge.



Namaka is the funniest and wildest children’s magazine! A publication designed by intrepid and curious people from 6 to 11 years old.

From Namaka magazine, we want our readers to have fun while they read, because only this way we will get them to stick to the reading.



DUNA Educació

DUNA educació is a company specialized in the creation of projects, educational, social and environmental contents. Works for advice, management, promotion and dissemination at the service of companies and institutions, which have the objective of carrying out programs of a social nature in the educational field.



TBKIDS aporta als infants i joves noves formes d’aprendre amb tallers d’aprenentatge pràctic i activitats extraescolars. Traballen aspectes bàsics de STEAM (Ciència, Tècnologia, Enginyeria, Arts i Matemàtiques) vinculats als valors de l’emprenedoria: Col·laboració, pensament crític, creativitat, comunicació i no tenir por al fracàs.



Game and gamification to communicate, educate and train. They design strategies, services and products based on leisure activity. Their customers transfer their message, content, values, both to final recipients and to their own employees through games, gamification and recreational dynamics.



KIDS&US SCHOOL OF ENGLISH presenta un concepte de centre d’estudis d’idiomes basat en una metodologia pròpia, innovadora i molt diferencial. Introdueixen els més petits en el coneixement de l’anglès i altres idiomes.



BRITISH SUMMER és una empresa que porta 30 anys oferint cursos i estàncies a l’estranger per aprendre idiomes.