The Onion Inside

The Onion Inside is a research agency specialized in generational studies from a social and psychological perspective with our primary focus being kids, teenagers and families.

Studying and analysing them from every dimension we are able to accomplish a continued follow-up and a global and specific knowledge about these targets, which allows us to give solutions and ad hoc strategies to the demands.

We have over 15 years of experience in teenagers and kids research, both from a psychosocial and trends perspective, always aiming to go beyond superficial, offering unique results.

The Modern Kids and Family

The Modern Kids & Family (TMKF) is the first and leading Spanish marketing and communication agency aimed at kids, teens, and families, and is also founding member of the International Kids Marketing Agencies Association and the International Family Agency with offices in London, Paris, Lisbon, Stuttgart, and Milan.

Offers marketing, digital, advertising, design, PR, and communication strategies and solutions for brands and entities who want to engage with young customers, families, and adolescents.

The TMKF Group counts also with KIDSXPERIENCE, an agency specialized in the creation and implementation of experiences aimed at kids, tweens, and teens. In the academic field, they also rely on the Universidad Complutense Chair of Communication and Marketing aimed at kids and teens, and the Kids’ Consumption Observatory of the University Pompeu Fabra, both specialized in investigation and research.

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In an increasingly digital world, where online conditions creatives and plans, EVENTALISTA * emerges, the result of the merger of the historic MPP and Marketing Land agencies, to claim the strategic nature of the real-world consumer experience.

No one questions in the 21st century what the digital world brings to our lives and how it has become an indispensable tool for building relationships between brands and consumers.

EVENTALISIA * claims the strategic nature of consumer experience in the real world. “Today we are all immersed in the digital world. We like. But no concert seen in streaming will make us experience the same as living it live feeling the collective emotion, no recipe on the network will make us feel the taste, smell and texture offered by a tasting, write thousands of posts or have many likes is not comparable To feel the hug of a loved one. We must take advantage of all the advantages offered by technology and the digital world to offer better real-world experiences to consumers. ”

As José Marín, CEO of EVENTALISTA * says “feeling the real-world experiences is strategic for any brand, and should have a role in their plans”.

Road shows, Street marketing, corporate events, promotions, brand activations, sampling, trade show marketing, dynamic point vta, these are the specialties of EVENTALISTA *, tools that physically bring brands closer to consumers through experiences of “ real world”.


Play and Train is an organization with the primary objective of placing at the disposal of people with disabilities and their families the right that all members of society have to be able to access the practice, learning and training of elite and leisure time sports activities, regardless of their capacity, gender and age.

DEP Institut

DEP is an organisation specialised in the social sphere and carries out activities dealing with sociological research, consultations and services relating to obtaining, managing and disseminating information.Its goal is to support businesses, public institutions and non-profit entities in their decision-making.

Always from the perspective of applied sociology, at the multi-disciplinary team of DEP professionals we focus our attention on the people and their various roles: citizens, users, consumers, patients, electors, workers, students, etc.

At DEP we have the solid conviction that our contribution adds to the ability to better know our society and its segments, and also favours the ability to get closer to our clients and their target audience.

To that end, our endeavour is to become an institute of reference in applied sociology.

DEP’s structure is the Institute of Studies, Information Services and Strategic Consultancy activity.


CREAFUTUR és una Fundació privada promoguda per la Generalitat de Catalunya i ESADE, amb l’objectiu d’identificar oportunitats futures de negoci, a través de l’anàlisi de les pautes de comportament presents dels consumidors i de la previsió de com evolucionaran en un futur.