World Alive

World Alive is a dynamic and experienced brand specializing in highly regulated children’s products. Our products support the safety, education and well-being of children around the world. World Alive’s latest project is the yoga and mindfulness brand Soul Mates, which aspires to be an antidote to the overuse of screens by young children. Soul Mates yoga mats and minfulness pillows have taken traditional wellness practices and presented them in an accessible and fun way for young children to learn and experience.

In addition to our innovative and original products, World Alive has extensive experience in law enforcement, international distribution and partnerships, reliable logistics, professional and environmentally friendly packaging, and a well-earned reputation for the excellent personal service of the company. our small and dedicated team of mothers with great professional ethics.

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Casal dels Infants

Casal dels Infants Association is a socio-educational organization. Since 1983 we support children, youth and families at risk of exclusion in our society. From the conviction that, no matter how harsh their reality is, if they receive the support they need and have access to opportunities, they will be able to overcome inequality and get ahead.


Every year we support 7,000 children, youth and families in neighborhoods with the greatest inequality, such as Raval de Barcelona, Badalona, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Sant Adrià de Besòs (La Mina) and Salt. And also to local organizations in Tangier and Casablanca (Morocco).

The Onion Inside

The Onion Inside is a research agency specialized in generational studies from a social and psychological perspective with our primary focus being kids, teenagers and families.

Studying and analysing them from every dimension we are able to accomplish a continued follow-up and a global and specific knowledge about these targets, which allows us to give solutions and ad hoc strategies to the demands.

We have over 15 years of experience in teenagers and kids research, both from a psychosocial and trends perspective, always aiming to go beyond superficial, offering unique results.


We are Kunde, an ukulele brand and an artist community from Barcelona. Our mission is improving people’s musical, emotional and social intelligence through the ukulele and our community. Furthemore, we are promoting an educational project with schools, Kunde School, with the purpose of introducing the ukulele as the main instrument in music lessons, as a substitution of the flute. An instrument that we consider more rich, motivating and actual for the students.


Lalaloom, make a better play


En Lalaloom creamos con mucho mimo juguetes de madera respetuosos con el medio ambiente y que estimulan el aprendizaje y el desarrollo cognitivo de los niños. Creemos en un mundo mejor para todos y para las futuras generaciones. Así que, queremos aportar nuestro granito de arena a través de la diversión. Por este motivo, nuestro concepto es y siempre será: #makeabetterplay.

Nuestra esencia se define en aprender jugando y experimentar emociones únicas con juguetes atemporales, divertidos y unisex, sin marcar estereotipos ni clichés. Realizados con materiales naturales, libres de sustancias nocivas para ser productos resistentes y 100% libres de tóxicos.

Estos son algunos de los valores que nos definen:

  • Respect: respetamos el juego, el crecimiento personal y el planeta. Los niños deben crecer con los valores para preservar los recursos naturales y hacer del mundo un lugar más sano. Por este motivo, en Lalaloom utilizamos un packaging fácil de reciclar y productos fabricados a partir de materiales naturales y respetuosos con el medio ambiente.
  • Design:diseños exclusivos y creados en Barcelona por un equipo joven y profesional de diseñadores gráficos. De esta manera conseguimos juguetes atemporales y minimalistas que se pueden reutilizar con facilidad.
  • Equality:evitamos los diseños sexistas, porque no queremos limitar sus sueños. Es necesario darles toda nuestra libertad y confianza para que crezcan sin clichés ni estereotipos.
  • Knowledge:estimulamos el aprendizaje a través de la diversión. Con cada producto Lalaloom aprenden algo diferente, imaginan y se divierten.


L’AJUNTAMENT DE SANT CUGAT forma part de KID’S CLUSTER per tal de reforçar les seves polítiques de recolzament a les empreses i les de suport a la infància.


The Association of Large Families of Catalonia (FANOC) is a non-profit, apolitical and non-denominational entity, with 30 years of service to families with children in general, and to large families in particular. FANOC works to ensure that large families are not penalised or discriminated against on the basis of the number of children, that they are treated in terms of social justice, and that they are helped to be more cost less.


It all starts with your voice

Hoot! Is a new app to help you create personalized audiobooks.

Intuitive, creating an audiobook has never been so easy and fun!

Emotional, Reinforce the emotional bond with your beloved ones, by creating, sharing and receiving a Hoot!

Educational, stimulate kids’ imagination and confidence by encouraging them to participate as readers and performers in shared family or classroom productions.

How does it work?

Select your favorite books from our library, record and manage your Hoots on the go, spice up your creations with sound effects and connect with your friends and family.

Let the fun begin, make a Hoot!


Alimmenta’s mission is to help people improve their health through a personalized and natural diet. Our consultations spend more than 400 people a week with different objectives: weight loss, improve their digestive health, adapt their diet to a situation special health or improve their sports performance.We have 15 dietitians-nutritionists who in addition to visiting patients every day make dissemination through our websites and social networks, impacting more than 30 million people every year through our networks We have helped the food industry to create better products and communicate them in a way that is close to the public concerned about their health. In the last 7 years we have worked with more than 40 companies and foundations with the aim of improving population feeding.

PortAventura World



 Welcome to the largest Mediterranean family resort. A unique holiday destination with 3 theme parks, five 4-star hotels and one 5-star hotel, a convention centre, 3 magnificent golf courses and a beach club with direct access to the beach.

Located in an exceptional setting on the Costa Dorada, just 1 hour from Barcelona and on the shores of the Mediterranean, PortAventura World Parks & Resort is an ideal destination for an unforgettable family holiday at any time of the year.