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English Summer

English Summer SA is a family-run business which specializes in teaching languages and outdoor education activities since 1980.  Since then, more than 45.000 families have entrusted their children at our Summer Camps and Language courses abroad.  Their 4 locations in Vallclara, Poblet, Prades and Tamarit are all privately owned properties. Throughout the year, they also organize school trips, family tourism and all sorts of events.

Tu Pediatra Online

Tu Pediatra Online is an online pediatric service where a group of pediatricians, through a shift of guards, offer advice on the care and upbringing of children every day of the year. Queries are made by phone, chat and / or video call. We offer comfort, tranquility and professionalism guarantee. We improve the work-family conciliation of families and professionals: the new technologies allow giving and receiving the service without displacements.


Play and Train is an organization with the primary objective of placing at the disposal of people with disabilities and their families the right that all members of society have to be able to access the practice, learning and training of elite and leisure time sports activities, regardless of their capacity, gender and age.

Eix Estels

Eix Estels is a private organization that owns and manages 8 residential camp houses (“cases de colonies”) and it has over 25 years of experience organizing camps and day trips for school groups (nursery, primary and secondary school). Eix Estels also offers a range of residential camps all year round for a wide variety of groups including Parents Associations (Ampa) and families and residential summer camps for children. Accommodation, meals, onsite activities and day trips are provided and certified camp counsellors accompany groups of children round the clock.

Our motto: “High Quality Residential Camp HousesCases de Colonies-” and “Camps for learning: to do, to be, to live and to share experiences together

DEP Institut

DEP is an organisation specialised in the social sphere and carries out activities dealing with sociological research, consultations and services relating to obtaining, managing and disseminating information.Its goal is to support businesses, public institutions and non-profit entities in their decision-making.

Always from the perspective of applied sociology, at the multi-disciplinary team of DEP professionals we focus our attention on the people and their various roles: citizens, users, consumers, patients, electors, workers, students, etc.

At DEP we have the solid conviction that our contribution adds to the ability to better know our society and its segments, and also favours the ability to get closer to our clients and their target audience.

To that end, our endeavour is to become an institute of reference in applied sociology.

DEP’s structure is the Institute of Studies, Information Services and Strategic Consultancy activity.

Family Experience

Family Experience






SomDocents és una plataforma de cursos online per a docents reconeguts pel Departament d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya com a formació permanent del professorat.

Superheroes Academy és una aplicació educativa per a nens i nenes de 3 a 6 anys que treballa tots els continguts de l’etapa d’educació infantil a través del joc.