Cartoons jump off the screens

Cartoons are bored of being only on the screens and begin to appear in the most unexpected environments. The fault lies with a technology called mapping combined with the imagination of artists Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck. These two Belgian artists have created a company specializing in mappings animation, where cartoons are projected on the tablecloth of a restaurant, the facade of a building, the walls of a school or the floor of a shopping center, to give some examples. The animated characters take full advantage of the new environments, and integrate in a surprising way.

The applications of this technology are very wide and varied: from product presentations to storytelling for children, going through practically any other communicative action imaginable. Skullmapping has carried out numerous projects in which children are protagonists. The highlight is Le Petit Chef, who presents the adventures of a small chef who appears on the same table as the diners. In can enjoy all families who hire a cruise to Celebrity Cruises.