Brushing their teeth from the first day

Toothbrushes for babies. The product may seem to have little commercial outlet but the idea makes all the sense in the world: that babies acquire essential hygiene habits by imitating what their parents do.

The Austrian company MAM has launched the “Learn to Brush” kit that includes two practically identical brushes, one for practice and one for cleaning babies. The practice brush has an extra-long handle for easy use and a protector so that no damage is done inside the mouth. Once they have learned the movements and become familiar with the instrument, the babies can move on to their own brush, sized for small hands, with the small head and with an ultra-soft touch. Both brushes have been designed and developed by medical experts.

The product, which is indicated for babies from five months of age, is sold at a price of only six euros from MAM’s own online store. This brush kit has won the prize for best innovative product of 2019 by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.