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Halo +, total control of your baby

Many fathers and mothers have had some devices to know how a baby is at a distance. First it only allowed to hear the noises in another room, then the cameras came and now Halo+ has arrived. This product developed by Motorola and that adapts to any cradle, incorporates unimaginable functionalities: a camera with infrared […]

Children’s cooking instruments

Opinel is a French firm that has been manufacturing kitchen instruments for 130 years. But it has not been until a few months ago that he has put on sale one of the products that has attracted the most attention. This is Le Petit Chef, a kit of kitchen instruments designed for children. They are […]

Connected games, but screen-free

The Creative Touch Studio is a very special toy. It is an immersive game aimed at children up to 10 years of age based on a board and a series of pieces and characters that allow the little ones to discover and learn, follow stories and adventures to children up to seven years old and […]

Doctor Ü

Doctor Ü is a pediatric consultation that has recently been installed in Kiev. And he has done something that seems as coherent as it is unusual: design the space thinking about his patients. This consultation is not decorated with children’s motives, but has already been conceived as an attractive space for children with the aim […]

The best sand castles

In the summer of 2016, Kevin Lane took his little daughter to play on the beach. There, he began to make a sand castle and, at the same time, he gave a brilliant idea to his father. Thus Create a Castle was born, a kit to make the best sandcastles in the world. The kit […]

The Period Game

Daniela Gilsanz and Ryan Murphy met at the Rhode Island School of Design. In one of the subjects they were asked to think and design a new product with possible commercial outlet. The result was The Period Game, a board game about menstruation that wants to change the focus of how it is explained to […]

JetKids, the suitcase to travel and to play

The Norwegian firm STOKKE of childcare material is especially known for its high chairs, cars and baby carriers, but lately it has expanded its catalog of products with innovative solutions. Surely the most surprising is JetKids. It is a spacious suitcase for when you leave a few days from home but it comes equipped with […]

3Doodler, a 3D pen

In 2012, three entrepreneurs came up with what, in time, would be the best-selling 3D printing product in history. It is 3Doodler, a simple 3D pen. That is, it is a ballpoint pen that instead of ink contains plastic, which allows the drawings to take over as the user wants. Since its release, this product […]

Play without touching the toy

In the movie Minority Report, the character played by Tom Cruise used screens without touching them, only with the movements of his hands. Now this concept also reaches the world of toys. In the last edition of the New York Toy Fair, a toy of only 40 dollars was awarded and it caused a sensation […]

GoCab, taxi for children

GoCab is an electric bicycle designed to make a taxi for children. The GoCab can comfortably carry up to eight boys and girls sitting in the front compartment, while being driven by an adult. The bicycle in question, designed and marketed by the company Van Raam, has high technical performance: reverse, eight gears, disc brakes […]