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MUwall, at your size

The idea is simple but no one had had it before. It is a wall that allows the installation of children’s furniture at varying heights, which are changed as the boy or girl grows. The MUwall is a project that is being financed by crowdfunding with the Kickstarter platform, and with great success, given that […]

Dolls without gender

Creatable World are the first Mattel dolls without gender. This means that they are neutral and customizable so that any child can be identified without prejudice or stereotypes. You can choose dolls with short or long hair, and with all kinds of accessories and accessories that are purchased separately. This allows children to create a […]

Recycle your LEGO bricks

According to the calculations of the Danish company LEGO there is an average of 62 pieces of LEGO per person in the world, and the children of the planet spend 5,000 million hours per year playing. But how many of these pieces are not used? How many are left inside a box, a bucket or […]

A restaurant for kids

White & The Bear is a two-story children’s restaurant located in the Jumeirah neighborhood of Dubai. It has been designed by the Sneha Divias Atelier studio with a totally childish look: tiny tables and chairs, sinks and faucets of small size for the bathrooms, kitchen adapted for children, high security cutlery, a shop, a workshop […]

The essential pack to travel by plane

On September 2, Labor Day was celebrated in the United States, a holiday that always means a three-day weekend, ideal for internal tourism. In fact, 15 million journeys were planned by plane, and many of them were in the family. Aware of this, Kraft Foods launched the In-Flight Relief Pack, a backpack full of essential […]

Bixbee, imagination and business

This September, Chicago will host a Bixbee Imagination Station for three weeks, an interactive and itinerant show aimed at children and who have been dubbed “a safari of imagination”. Thanks to a lot of technological resources, attendees can become a selfie in the mouth of a shark, share hidden secrets to flowers, ride on a […]

The shoes that grows

According to the United Nations there are 783 million people living with less than two dollars a day, and millions of these people are children who sometimes do not have to eat and almost never to buy shoes. From here BECAUSE was born, a young company that already bills $ 2.5 million annually, manufacturing products […]

Much more than cartoons

The children’s television channel Nicleodeon has acquired Sparkler, a content platform specialized in children’s audiences, with the aim of enriching its proposal and loyalty to its audience. The idea of ​​the operation is to ensure that Nickleodeon viewers are not satisfied when they see episodes of the Canine Patrol or any other series, they can […]

A back to school kit

The subscription-based business model is taking root in the United States, and some companies are already evolving and adding differentiating elements. This is the case of KidBox, which offers children’s clothing. The clients of this company establish the profile of the boy or girl they want to wear (colors, character, priorities…), and from there they […]

Multicultural colors

Children who draw and paint with wax colors already have within their reach a specific range for skin colors. The company Crayola has just launched a collection with eight colors that represent the majority of skin colors that can be found on the planet. The objective is that children can make artistic creations more realistic […]