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Family tea time

The prestigious and exclusive St Jame’s Hotel & Club has reached an agreement with the Hamleys toy brand to create a family VIP experience. The idea is to take advantage of the popular Tea Time to spend more time in family and in a fun environment. The project consisted of designing a board game in […]

Junior Concierge

In 2013, the Legoland resort of Windsor, in the United Kingdom, promoted the Junior Concierge Competition, a contest to choose six boys and girls between 8 and 12 years old who for a few days had to act as janitors and help serve younger hotel visitors. The contest featured 600 children who had to demonstrate their passion […]

The Mark: Children’s luxury

Considered one of the most classy hotels on the Upper East Side, the Mark Hotel is also one of the most family-friendly. Children of all ages are welcome with a variety of amenities, most of them decorated with the iconic white and black stripes that identify the hotel. Thus, parents are delighted to know that […]


Holiday Inn is a chain that has 1,179 hotels and 214,624 rooms worldwide. Since its origins, in 1952, it has tried to position itself as a benchmark for family travel, and today continues to insist strongly on this idea. For this they have invented the KidSuites. It is a room within a room that aims, […]

Halo +, total control of your baby

Many fathers and mothers have had some devices to know how a baby is at a distance. First it only allowed to hear the noises in another room, then the cameras came and now Halo+ has arrived. This product developed by Motorola and that adapts to any cradle, incorporates unimaginable functionalities: a camera with infrared […]

Children’s cooking instruments

Opinel is a French firm that has been manufacturing kitchen instruments for 130 years. But it has not been until a few months ago that he has put on sale one of the products that has attracted the most attention. This is Le Petit Chef, a kit of kitchen instruments designed for children. They are […]

Connected games, but screen-free

The Creative Touch Studio is a very special toy. It is an immersive game aimed at children up to 10 years of age based on a board and a series of pieces and characters that allow the little ones to discover and learn, follow stories and adventures to children up to seven years old and […]

Doctor Ü

Doctor Ü is a pediatric consultation that has recently been installed in Kiev. And he has done something that seems as coherent as it is unusual: design the space thinking about his patients. This consultation is not decorated with children’s motives, but has already been conceived as an attractive space for children with the aim […]

The best sand castles

In the summer of 2016, Kevin Lane took his little daughter to play on the beach. There, he began to make a sand castle and, at the same time, he gave a brilliant idea to his father. Thus Create a Castle was born, a kit to make the best sandcastles in the world. The kit […]

The Period Game

Daniela Gilsanz and Ryan Murphy met at the Rhode Island School of Design. In one of the subjects they were asked to think and design a new product with possible commercial outlet. The result was The Period Game, a board game about menstruation that wants to change the focus of how it is explained to […]