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Toyi: Anything could be a toy

Possibly one of the most surprising and imaginative proposals of recent years. Toyi are packages of 32, 64 or 640 pieces. In fact, they are pieces, containers, tapes, rubber bands, buttons… things that were launched at some point and that this Turkish entrepreneurial company has recovered, cleaned and grouped so that, in each package there […]

The Wonder

“The Wonder is designed to make family life more cheerful. It is a space for recreation, experiences and human connection for all ages. You can relax with friends while your children play, or turn off the phone and pick up a brush with your son (without dirtying his floor) The days are long and the […]

Creating kid’s friendly spaces

With the rise of the so-called concept stores the demand for the creation of spaces designed for the experimentation of children has also grown. And to meet this demand, companies such as International Kids Concepts were born. With offices in the Netherlands and China, and a production plant in the Asian country, this company designs […]

Reusable diapers

One of the products that generate more waste is diapers. For many months, families end up throwing away many kilos of cellulose that cannot be recovered in any way. That is why numerous alternatives begin to appear in the form of cloth diapers, very similar to those used by our grandparents. One of the most […]

Children’s voice assistants

This summer the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition, the Alexa for boys and girls, has gone on sale. It is a virtual assistant designed and designed for the little ones. This means that it knows how to interpret the not always easy children’s language, which offers specific content for these ages, and that it is […]

The quiet hour

Entertainer Ltd. is the largest independent toy retailer in the United Kingdom, operating in more than 170 stores. And coinciding with this Christmas campaign, has started programming its “Quiet Hours”. For a few hours, the store reduces lighting and noise to create a quieter, safer and more suitable environment for people with autism. The objective […]

Snowball powers

Snowballs have little known powers, especially during the Christmas season. The first power is to heal. For the second consecutive year, BC Childrens Hospital has organized a charity event called Snowball Fight for Kids. This is a virtual snowball battle that serves to raise funds to heal children and help them get out of the […]

Imaginique, the festival

Families in Singapore during Christmas dates (December 13-22) will be able to attend IMAGINIQUE, an innovative children’s arts festival. This event aims to encourage the curiosity of children between 0 and 12 years and help them strengthen their self-esteem through theater, dance and fun. There are many things that make IMAGINIQUE a unique event. First […]

Best toys catalogue

ASDA is an important and popular supermarket chain in the United Kingdom that occupies 165,000 people in its 633 stores. In recent weeks ASDA has made headlines in the catalog of the toys section. Given the uncertainty that each Christmas season generated for those responsible to know what would be the favorite toys for children […]

Best babycaring in the world

During the Christmas holidays, the heart of New York boils of people who do all kinds of shopping. A consumer marathon that is difficult to manage with the whole family. Aware of this, those responsible for the CAMP Store toy store have created such an attractive service for parents as for children: a pajama party. […]