Entries by Kids Cluster

Cartoons jump off the screens

Cartoons are bored of being only on the screens and begin to appear in the most unexpected environments. The fault lies with a technology called mapping combined with the imagination of artists Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck. These two Belgian artists have created a company specializing in mappings animation, where cartoons are projected on the […]

The Classroom Project

A group of students from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts analyzed how children study and concentrate in different environments. Experimenting with different systems and taking ergonomic restrictions into account, the young design group was able to present The Classroom Project at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. The result is a collection of furniture with […]

Learning the mobility of the future

Three San Francisco elementary schools are participating in a pilot program that consists of introducing the use of bicycles in urban environments into curricular subjects. Aware that large cities will increasingly have fewer private vehicles and that cycling is the most sustainable and healthy transport, the City Council and the local transport operator have chosen […]

Helping children to choose healthy food

SpartanNash is a food distribution company in supermarkets that operates since 2013 in the northern United States. With the aim of helping the little ones to make decisions that bring them closer to a healthy diet, they have just launched the Kids Crew program. This initiative is totally educational and wants to draw attention to […]

Brushing their teeth from the first day

Toothbrushes for babies. The product may seem to have little commercial outlet but the idea makes all the sense in the world: that babies acquire essential hygiene habits by imitating what their parents do. The Austrian company MAM has launched the “Learn to Brush” kit that includes two practically identical brushes, one for practice and […]

The definitive toy store

A toy store with back doors, a musical bridge, a radio lab, a disco with DJ, musical performances, drawing classes and crafts… Surely you have not been in a store like this unless you’ve visited CAMP , the most amazing toy store in the world that opened a few weeks ago in downtown New York. […]

Family tea time

The prestigious and exclusive St Jame’s Hotel & Club has reached an agreement with the Hamleys toy brand to create a family VIP experience. The idea is to take advantage of the popular Tea Time to spend more time in family and in a fun environment. The project consisted of designing a board game in […]

Junior Concierge

In 2013, the Legoland resort of Windsor, in the United Kingdom, promoted the Junior Concierge Competition, a contest to choose six boys and girls between 8 and 12 years old who for a few days had to act as janitors and help serve younger hotel visitors. The contest featured 600 children who had to demonstrate their passion […]

The Mark: Children’s luxury

Considered one of the most classy hotels on the Upper East Side, the Mark Hotel is also one of the most family-friendly. Children of all ages are welcome with a variety of amenities, most of them decorated with the iconic white and black stripes that identify the hotel. Thus, parents are delighted to know that […]


Holiday Inn is a chain that has 1,179 hotels and 214,624 rooms worldwide. Since its origins, in 1952, it has tried to position itself as a benchmark for family travel, and today continues to insist strongly on this idea. For this they have invented the KidSuites. It is a room within a room that aims, […]