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Kid’s Cavern

Last autumn, Metquarter de Liverpool opened a new concept of clothing store aimed at children: Kid ‘s Cavern. It occupies an area of 1,400 square meters designed, specifically, for children. The examples of how it has been put into practice are multiple. The whole store is on one level, there is no corridor or point […]

Spark Plug

Scalextric cars can now be controlled from the mobile device, thanks to an app that replaces the traditional manual control. But this innovation offers much more to the player: from the app can restrict the power of other players, play music prepared in digital libraries while doing the race, listen to the special effects of […]


STEMtrunk is an optimal example of how the business model for the children’s sector is changing. This company offers a rental service for educational toys. For $39 per month, users of this platform can have the toy they want as long as they want. They should only select it online and a transport company takes […]

Electro Hero Kit

Technology Will Save Us is a company that makes and sells DIY toys (do it yourself). These are kits to ride in which children have to strive and learn before getting the reward in the form of a toy. This company has seen in the great popularity of the movie “The Avengers” of Marvel an […]

Cartoons jump off the screens

Cartoons are bored of being only on the screens and begin to appear in the most unexpected environments. The fault lies with a technology called mapping combined with the imagination of artists Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck. These two Belgian artists have created a company specializing in mappings animation, where cartoons are projected on the […]

The Classroom Project

A group of students from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts analyzed how children study and concentrate in different environments. Experimenting with different systems and taking ergonomic restrictions into account, the young design group was able to present The Classroom Project at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. The result is a collection of furniture with […]

Learning the mobility of the future

Three San Francisco elementary schools are participating in a pilot program that consists of introducing the use of bicycles in urban environments into curricular subjects. Aware that large cities will increasingly have fewer private vehicles and that cycling is the most sustainable and healthy transport, the City Council and the local transport operator have chosen […]

Helping children to choose healthy food

SpartanNash is a food distribution company in supermarkets that operates since 2013 in the northern United States. With the aim of helping the little ones to make decisions that bring them closer to a healthy diet, they have just launched the Kids Crew program. This initiative is totally educational and wants to draw attention to […]

Brushing their teeth from the first day

Toothbrushes for babies. The product may seem to have little commercial outlet but the idea makes all the sense in the world: that babies acquire essential hygiene habits by imitating what their parents do. The Austrian company MAM has launched the “Learn to Brush” kit that includes two practically identical brushes, one for practice and […]

The definitive toy store

A toy store with back doors, a musical bridge, a radio lab, a disco with DJ, musical performances, drawing classes and crafts… Surely you have not been in a store like this unless you’ve visited CAMP , the most amazing toy store in the world that opened a few weeks ago in downtown New York. […]