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Puzzles and interior design

Eero Aarnio is a Finnish interior designer who has devised a game that combines design with construction challenges. In each box there is a set of pieces that include furniture elements for different rooms of the house. With these pieces can be planted Different proposals for interior design in the same space and build one […]

Kidzania, playing to be adults

KidZania is a city founded by the children of the world where they can lead and know society while having fun. With elements 60% smaller than the normal size, children get to safely try jobs and activities for adults and are paid for their work in kidZos, the official local currency of KidZania. This is […]

Education with augmented reality

Chromville is an application that works from some pictures that children paint and, later, through augmented reality, they can see how their drawings come alive in 3D as they have been colored. It is a magical experience for them, which manages to capture their attention and, from here, facilitates the acquisition of knowledge in a […]

Breast milk

The increase in recent years of the new family formats has also meant an increase in the demand for breast milk for babies who are breastfeeding. In Catalonia breast milk can be given through the points enabled by the Bank of Blood, and since last October there is an app called LactApp that solves all […]

Trobada amb Koji Takahashi director d’Edulab, expert en inversió en tecnologia aplicada a l’educació i mercats asiàtics

El passat 21 de Juny de 2018 vàrem tenir ocasió de rebre a Barcelona el Sr. Koji Takahashi, director d’Edulab, expert en el sector edtech i el mercat asiàtic. A la sessió realitzada conjuntament entre KID’S CLUSTER i Edutech Cluster van assistir un total de 9 empreses. Els participants van poder conèixer l’ecosistema edtech al mercat […]

KID’S CLUSTER s’adhereix al projecte COPERSONA

La presidenta de KID’S CLUSTER, Imma Marín,  en representació de l’Associació Clúster de productes infantils de Catalunya signa el document d’adhesió al  projecte COPERSONA. COPERSONA és una iniciativa que impulsen un grup de fundacions i organitzacions, les quals comparteixen els valors de l’equitat de gènere, la inclusió, la diversitat, la solidaritat i la transformació social: […]

El sector infantil i de la cosmètica treballen plegats per analitzar els reptes de la joguina cosmètica del futur

El passat 15 de juny vam celebrar el Workshop Joguina Cosmètica. Una sessió fruit de la col·laboració del Beauty Clúster Barcelona i KID’S CLUSTER. La jornada de treball proposava a les empreses del sector de la joguina infantil i a les empreses del sector de la bellesa analitzar la situació actual, tendències i oportunitats d’innovació […]

Online plastic surgery games

Health experts in the UK have warned about threats that online plastic surgery games can cause among girls and teenagers. These mobile applications, mostly free, allow to check the transformation of the body that can be achieved through surgery. The main risk is that these games can generate anxiety among girls who want to have […]

Beauty salons for children

For 5 years, the cosmetic brand Shiseido has opened beauty salons for children. These are located in downtown areas of the city and are oriented as small theme parks in which children can play while parents go shopping in the area. Inside the parks children find all the necessary material to play make up exactly […]

Sculpt with soap

Sudsy Dough Moldable Soap is an amazing bathroom toy. When it is submerged in the water it has a spongy touch, and it serves to rub and cleanse the body. It can be squeezed and stretched. In addition, it contains a small toy figure inside. When it is taken out of the tub and dried, […]