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Magnetic wallpaper

It’s called Interactive Magnetic Dino Wallpaper and is the winner of the latest edition of the Etsy design awards. It consists of a wallpaper that incorporates a magnetic material. This allows you to hook small characters that can be moved. The result is that a wall becomes a huge space where children can express their […]

Perfect glasses for your child

A small start-up from Ohio, in the United States, offers glasses that perfectly fit the size and structure of your son or daughter’s face, and, best of all, at a reasonable price. The secret is in the use of 3D printing technology. Fitz Frames only manufactures unique glasses and on demand. The user must download […]

Fighting the fake news

Internet is a dangerous environment for children. In a few clicks you can find all kinds of images and comments or even be subject to attacks. For this reason, in 2017 Google launched an Internet literacy program called Be Internet Awesome, which aims to help children between 7 and 11 years to make safe use […]

Creative stationery

How to add value to an eraser? The challenge does not seem minor, but two Japanese companies have recently achieved it. The Seed company has been the first to invent a transparent rubber called Clear Radar. After 5 years of research and testing he has managed to manufacture and market a rubber that allows to […]


A lot of technology and few screen. This is the basic recipe of Spot, an innovative toy developed by New Deal Design and that, at the moment, is still in the prototype phase. It is a device that integrates an optical lens, object recognition software and machine learning technology. The result is an object that […]

Coloring without Borders

Coloring without Borders is a beautiful unfinished children’s book made by 80 artists from all over the world. Each illustration shows a scene that the reader must complete with his imagination, drawing and painting what the text suggests and the illustration that has been found. The book is aimed at all those creatures that for […]

Toyi: Anything could be a toy

Possibly one of the most surprising and imaginative proposals of recent years. Toyi are packages of 32, 64 or 640 pieces. In fact, they are pieces, containers, tapes, rubber bands, buttons… things that were launched at some point and that this Turkish entrepreneurial company has recovered, cleaned and grouped so that, in each package there […]

The Wonder

“The Wonder is designed to make family life more cheerful. It is a space for recreation, experiences and human connection for all ages. You can relax with friends while your children play, or turn off the phone and pick up a brush with your son (without dirtying his floor) The days are long and the […]

Creating kid’s friendly spaces

With the rise of the so-called concept stores the demand for the creation of spaces designed for the experimentation of children has also grown. And to meet this demand, companies such as International Kids Concepts were born. With offices in the Netherlands and China, and a production plant in the Asian country, this company designs […]

Reusable diapers

One of the products that generate more waste is diapers. For many months, families end up throwing away many kilos of cellulose that cannot be recovered in any way. That is why numerous alternatives begin to appear in the form of cloth diapers, very similar to those used by our grandparents. One of the most […]