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The most entertaining restaurant

When the children arrive at the restaurant that the Richtree Market chain has the Eaton Center in Toronto, they find huge screens at their height where are projected all kinds of interactive games aimed at promoting healthy habits and food. By interacting with these screens, children can collect the food grown on a digital farm, […]

The brightest school bike path

The City Council of Egedal, in Denmark, is implementing an intelligent lighting system in a bicycle path used, mainly, by students who go to school. The objective of the project is to encourage more children to use it and, at the same time, improve safety. And to design it the same students have participated in […]

The Octopus, the clock of habits

It is difficult to teach a child how to manage his time, basically because children do not have many responsibilities. But on the other hand, it is important to insist on habits and daily routines, such as doing homework, setting the table, making a bed or brushing teeth. To facilitate the work of the fathers […]

The You Inside Project

Knowledge and awareness of the rights of transgender people has increased significantly in recent years, but also transphobia. And the transphobia is incredibly harmful, with studies showing that 41% of trans people have tried to commit suicide at some point. However, nobody is born transphobic. Therefore, when the organization Gender Creative Kids Canada asked for […]

21st Century Rubik’s Cube

The Israeli company Particula has developed Go Cube, a high-tech version of the legendary Rubik’s cube that works connected to a mobile application via Bluetooth and offers tutorials to learn how to play and compete multiplayer with people from all over the world. Inside the cube 12 wireless sensors have been placed, which register the […]

Book of dirt

The brand of detergents Unilever OMO (also known as Persil in other markets) has created the ‘Book of dirt’ as a fun way to keep children away from technology and encourage outdoor play. The book, called “Tale of spots and stripes”, has been created with a special ink formula that only reveals its history if […]

Soups from around the world

Maybe the soup is not the most attractive food for children, but Yelli, an exotic soup brand from Russia, has decided to create a new line of products to use children to taste new flavors and discover a little more of each country originally. Thus, Yelli Kids offers imaginative soup kits inspired by recipes from […]

Screens and healthy habits

The use of smartphones and tablets has become ubiquitous in many families. The problem is that all the time children spend in front of the screens do not use it for other types of personal relationships, games or crafts. To correct this situation, TechDen was born, a company that has released a unique product with […]

Demystifying child cancer

The Imaginary Friend Society app helps child patients with cancer by giving life to different imaginary friends. Developed by the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, this application effectively distracts children from the stress and stresses of MRI, chemotherapy and other cancer-related treatments. The application is currently being used in several cancer treatment centers in the United […]

Promoting female engineering

Wonderhood Toys is a company founded by two mothers who met during a master’s degree at the Columbia Business School. And his goal is very clear: “create a new type of toy that inspires girls to think big, to be the architects of their own future.” Said and done. This summer they have marketed two […]