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A back to school kit

The subscription-based business model is taking root in the United States, and some companies are already evolving and adding differentiating elements. This is the case of KidBox, which offers children’s clothing. The clients of this company establish the profile of the boy or girl they want to wear (colors, character, priorities…), and from there they […]

Multicultural colors

Children who draw and paint with wax colors already have within their reach a specific range for skin colors. The company Crayola has just launched a collection with eight colors that represent the majority of skin colors that can be found on the planet. The objective is that children can make artistic creations more realistic […]

Salad Frosting

This is a new food product designed by the multinational Kraft foods that should help children to eat more vegetables. It is a topping, a kind of glazed sauce, which is served in a tube designed to attract the attention of the little ones. Kraft Foods has tried to make a sauce as healthy as […]

Pix:Mini, the lighting backpack

Margaret Rimek is a young Ukrainian entrepreneur who has invented a product with great commercial outlet. It is a backpack to go to school but its front is a screen with 256 LEDS points, so each day the child can show a different drawing or message. The content shown on the screen is designed from […]

Bec-Dot, the toy to learn braille

Rebecca is a three year old girl who was born deaf. Their parents had to learn the sign language to communicate with her, and when they did, they learned that Rebecca suffered from Usher syndrome, a rare disease that also affects vision. That is, her daughter will also be blind before reaching 10 years. As […]

Holo Cap

It is only a prototype but allows to see perfectly what is the trend in the design of last generation products: what is known as Mixed Reality. It would be the creation of new environments thanks to relate the real world with virtual worlds. In this case, the product is a children’s hat that incorporates […]

Kid’s Cavern

Last autumn, Metquarter de Liverpool opened a new concept of clothing store aimed at children: Kid ‘s Cavern. It occupies an area of 1,400 square meters designed, specifically, for children. The examples of how it has been put into practice are multiple. The whole store is on one level, there is no corridor or point […]

Spark Plug

Scalextric cars can now be controlled from the mobile device, thanks to an app that replaces the traditional manual control. But this innovation offers much more to the player: from the app can restrict the power of other players, play music prepared in digital libraries while doing the race, listen to the special effects of […]


STEMtrunk is an optimal example of how the business model for the children’s sector is changing. This company offers a rental service for educational toys. For $39 per month, users of this platform can have the toy they want as long as they want. They should only select it online and a transport company takes […]

Electro Hero Kit

Technology Will Save Us is a company that makes and sells DIY toys (do it yourself). These are kits to ride in which children have to strive and learn before getting the reward in the form of a toy. This company has seen in the great popularity of the movie “The Avengers” of Marvel an […]