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DEP Institut

DEP is an organisation specialised in the social sphere and carries out activities dealing with sociological research, consultations and services relating to obtaining, managing and disseminating information.Its goal is to support businesses, public institutions and non-profit entities in their decision-making. Always from the perspective of applied sociology, at the multi-disciplinary team of DEP professionals we focus our attention […]

Prescription of toys on YouTube

Next fall will be held in New York the Toy Fair 2018, one of the most important toy fairs in the world. The program foresees the worldwide presentation of the new toy brand Ryan’s World, which can only be attended with personal invitation. The expectation is fully justified. Ryan’s World is the toy brand of […]

Sipro, smart and social robot

Igor Jankovic is a Serbian engineer who has created a high-performance smart home robot. Sipro can recognize voices, can identify the crying baby and warn parents, or even try to calm the child with music or with the voice of his mother. It also includes an air purification system and a room temperature controller, so […]

School’s gym, a huge videogame

Many parents are concerned about the sedentary lifestyle that videogames bring. Children practically only move their fingers, use undesirable body positions and spend many hours without consuming calories. But what would happen if instead of playing with the console the child was the protagonist of the video game? This is what Saga Interactive Gym proposes, […]

Buddy bench

Two years ago, a primary school in Saskatoon, Canada, found a simple and economical formula to reduce the episodes of loneliness and bullying in school and to encourage the integration of students. Simply installed in the yard the buddy bench. It is a green metallic bench located in a very visible part of the yard […]

Innovación en alimentos y nutrición infantil

Los desafíos en la comercialización de alimentos infantiles El pasado 23 de marzo KID’S CLUSTER participó en un workshop sobre innovación en alimentos y nutrición infantil organizado por CLUSAGA, el Cluster alimentario de Galicia. Este workshop permitió presentar las conclusiones del proyecto que están llevando a cabo desde el cluster gallego sobre innovación en alimentos […]

Smart Kids Lab

Students from three schools in Amsterdam have had the privilege of participating in the pilot test of the Smart Kids Lab. It is a project that, driven by the Waag organization, allows children to discover and measure their environment in a fun way. With the help of small-scale tests and sensors manufactured by themselves, they […]

Fytó, children’s composting

At the moment it is only a prototype, but the idea is so attractive that it has already aroused the interest of some manufacturers. And it is that the industrial designer Clara Fessler has designed a receptacle through which children can see how the food they throw turns into fresh food. This kit is an […]

Les Potes en Ciel

For 10 years, twenty cities in France have bars for boys and girls. These are the so-called Potes en Ciel, associative and non-profit spaces where everything is arranged so that children up to 12 years old can relate and explore freely and based on exchanges. In these establishments alcohol is not served, but food is […]

Teething necklaces

An Arizona entrepreneur has invented the teething necklaces. It is a jewelery line designed for babies, so they can put it in their mouths and experience or calm the pain produced by the release of the first teeth. All Little Teeth products meet the following requirements: they have an attractive design, are made of silicone […]