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Play without touching the toy

In the movie Minority Report, the character played by Tom Cruise used screens without touching them, only with the movements of his hands. Now this concept also reaches the world of toys. In the last edition of the New York Toy Fair, a toy of only 40 dollars was awarded and it caused a sensation […]

GoCab, taxi for children

GoCab is an electric bicycle designed to make a taxi for children. The GoCab can comfortably carry up to eight boys and girls sitting in the front compartment, while being driven by an adult. The bicycle in question, designed and marketed by the company Van Raam, has high technical performance: reverse, eight gears, disc brakes […]

Morfboard, four toys in one

The Californian city of Santa Monica is the cradle of skating. And here was born the Morfboard, a toy called to be a bestseller among preadolescent boys and girls. Morfboard is a skateboard that, depending on the elements that adapt, becomes a skateboard, a scooter, a jumping board or a board for balancing. They are, […]


One of the objects in which the use of plastic is more intensive are toys. But 90% of toys for children and babies have a life cycle of less than six months. With the aim of giving a new life to this plastic ecoBirdy was born, a company that collects toys that are not going […]

Ikumen Project

The Ikumen Project was promoted by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2010, when it found out that Japan is the developed country in which men spend less time doing household chores and caring for children. To fight this situation, offered an incentive plan with the aim of having workers ask for […]


Chen, Meir and Yuval are three childhood friends who originally founded Storyball with the aim of facilitating rehabilitation and physiotherapy for young patients. But once they had the product in their hands they understood that they had created a product that combined the traditional game with interactive stories, and without the need for a screen […]

Water balloons without balloons

Few things are more fun than a water balloon war. The problem is that to make them you have to use disposable plastic and then can not recover and pollute our environment. But balloon wars without balloons are closer than you think. An American entrepreneur, Clarissa Redwine, has launched Splat! a kit for children to […]

Sprout Pencil

The Sprout pencil is an almost normal pencil. Made of wood, with mines of 9 different colors to choose from and perfect for painting and drawing. But it incorporates a complementary and surprising use. And it is that when the pencil is finishing its useful life, it can be pricked upside down on some pot […]

The most entertaining restaurant

When the children arrive at the restaurant that the Richtree Market chain has the Eaton Center in Toronto, they find huge screens at their height where are projected all kinds of interactive games aimed at promoting healthy habits and food. By interacting with these screens, children can collect the food grown on a digital farm, […]

The brightest school bike path

The City Council of Egedal, in Denmark, is implementing an intelligent lighting system in a bicycle path used, mainly, by students who go to school. The objective of the project is to encourage more children to use it and, at the same time, improve safety. And to design it the same students have participated in […]