21st Century Rubik’s Cube

The Israeli company Particula has developed Go Cube, a high-tech version of the legendary Rubik’s cube that works connected to a mobile application via Bluetooth and offers tutorials to learn how to play and compete multiplayer with people from all over the world. Inside the cube 12 wireless sensors have been placed, which register the changes of position of the cells once they leave the starting position.

Go Cube technology offers tutorials so that whoever makes his first approach to a Rubik’s cube can learn the necessary movements to solve the puzzle without having to compete. On the other hand, more experienced players can significantly improve their performance. In addition, Go Cube introduces new game modes in the form of mini-games and missions, such as forming the colors of the flag of different countries; a game inspired by Guitar Hero, in which the application indicates where to turn the cube; or modes related to adapting to rhythm and speed.

The project financing campaign required $ 25,000 to start and has already obtained more than $ 700,000. The game is expected to go on sale in 2019 for a price of $ 119.